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The readers here have told me, as clearly as possible, that I need to pay attention to my training and worry about tire selection another time. Really, the scientific and irrefutable evidence is on my previous post about tubular vs. clincher tires, all summed up in a poll. The poll is still open and I would be delighted if you could skew the results to something a bit more relaxing than training.

Yet, regardless of the advice, I am training and have been hitting the road and the trainer and the weight room. And, pushing myself away from the training table. Strong legs go much farther if they have less to push up the hill.

The training elements, early mornings in the gym, weekends on the road or short road rides after work, are beginning to take hold. I am breaking new barriers on the training machine and even the hilliest of rides is manageable.

The test of this preparation will come this weekend when I attempt either a long ride with my wife (and stoker) on the tandem or the more punishing ride up NW Saltzman on the Moseman. I may even try to get those brake levers returned to pre-aero condition, as if doing so might help me prepare for 2 October.

Lunch hour is over. Spare bits of chicken and salad with a few treats for a successful week of training. So as to leave you with something actually interesting on this page, I’ve linked to the new Rapha video by Nick Livesey. It’s over the top melodramatic, but it is Paris-Roubaix this weekend, which is nothing if not over the top.

A Throw of the Dice from RAPHA on Vimeo.

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The Patron

It’s one thing to have a good friend who wants to sponsor your hobby interests with moral support. It’s quite another when he opens up his kitchen to offer you and your colleagues lunch. With Michael, it’s no surprise.

The dish at today’s training table, corned beef. Made right here, of course, by the Patron.
My office mates and I headed down to “Cru Central” for an excellent New York-style corned beef on rye sandwich, washed down with cream soda. My colleagues were treated to some Argyle bubbles, courtesy of one of Michael’s clients.
Guess this means an extra set of intervals tomorrow morning . . .

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Fuel for the ride

Everything I’ve been reading tells me my training table should be lightly set with lean meat, lots of vegetables and fruit, easy on the carbohydrates. But, what do you do when one of your prime sponsors, KitchenCru, serves freshly baked bagels that rival anything calling itself a bagel outside of New York? You roll up to the kitchen and you eat.

I’m not expecting Michael at the ‘Cru to bring bagels the day of the ride, though I’m guessing he’d like to be there. But, I figured it was important to show my loyalty to my sponsor even if it meant sacrificing my strict dietary regimen for it.

More sacrifices to come on St. Patrick’s day.

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Should be no surprise that when you begin in earnest to chase a dream, you find others doing the same.
I’ve been fishing about the interwebs and social media, finding more and more references to the ride. Here’s a video showcasing the area and the ride.

L’EROICA (english version) from Edouardi Sepulchro on Vimeo.

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