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As I may have mentioned in previous posts, I was asked by Brooks England, one of the principal sponsors of L’Eroica, to write a blog post entry about the ride. While my contact and Brooks marketing guy Bregan Faika noted it was the “last word” on the ride, I do plan to detail more here. By detail, I mean a different story and one that has a good bit more of the bikey related elements of the ride. For now, though, please enjoy.


Registration paraphenalia and the Brooks England gift to ride director Giancarlo Brocci

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The reality of the L’Eroica experience far exceeded the dream. To start there was Lecchi in Chianti, a village that one can only imagine being part of a dream. Hospitable, ideally positioned and filled with friendly residents and visitors alike.

Having my family there was a great treat and I can only hope that the favor was returned. Most nights, we came together for the evening meal and the laughter and boisterous conversation was non-stop.


Then, there was Joao and his troop of former pro cycling colleagues and clients, living their own dreams on the roads of Chianti. An article in Bicycling magazine describes Joao’s approach to hosting cycling enthusiasts as the best ride on earth and it’s easy to see why.

Nothing matched the ride, not even the “favor” I did of delivering the commemorative Brooks B-17 saddle to ride director Giancarlo Brocci.


I plan to write a bit more, both here and for Brooks England for their blog. Stay tuned.

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Arrived in Piazza Ricasoli at 2:45. Just a bit less than seven hours of riding. The rest of the time was spent eating and drinking. More later.


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Mia famiglia greeted me on the ride into C. Beredenga.


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Enjoying the break after 85k, some of it punishing.


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First rest and refuel stop. The climb to Castello Brolio lit by candles.


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Partenza L’Eroica


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From the midlands to the U.S. back to England and on to Gaiole in Chianti by way of Lecchi in Chianti, I delivered this Brooks saddle to Giancarlo, dirretore of L’Eroica today.



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This is hard. Really hard.


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For a slightly different take on the ride, take a look at Brooks England video from 2009. Among my obsessions, the traditional leather saddle is high on the list. So much so that I initiated a Facebook group page two years ago with content about the iconic leather saddle. Naturally, I ride one and have had a great time exploring the various connections between the saddle and bike culture. It’s a natural that Brooks would be a L’Eroica sponsor.

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